Samrat's latest talk at the Structural Biology Symposium at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 2021)

Samrat's talk at the Proteinopathy Seminar Series

Samrat's talk at IDP 2017 at IISER Mohali 

"Memories last a lifetime"

2024 - A new chapter !

Ashish and Sandeep submitted their PhD thesis. They were the 13th and the 14th student of the lab to do so.

Prof. N. Sathyamurthy, the founding director of our institute, visited our lab.

Back to single-molecule fluorescence

Multi-color single molecule fluorescence upgrade module - a recent valuable add-on.

Setting the stone rolling - training after our single molecule confocal microscope installation.

Meeting them was a privilege!

Prof. Uday Maitra, from IISc Bangalore, visited our lab.

Prof. Suparna Sanyal, from Uppsala University, visited our lab.

Prof. Sandhya Vishweshwaraiah from IISc Bangalore visited our lab.

Prof. Keren Lasker, from the Scripps research institute, visited our lab

Glimpses of CompFlu 2023 - an international conference on complex fluids & soft matter organized at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras

Intellectual discussions at CompFlu 2023, IIT Madras. (L - R) Sandeep, Prof. Rohit V. Pappu, Prof. Clifford P. Brangwynne, Ashish and Lisha.

Exciting scientific discussions at CompFlu 2023, IIT Madras. (L - R) Sandeep, Prof. Geeta J. Narlikar, Lisha and Ashish.

A candid discussion of interesting science at CompFlu 2023, IIT Madras. (L - R) Lisha, Prof. Samir K. Maji, Ashish and Sandeep.

Sandeep gave a short talk and presented his research work at CompFLu 2023, organized at IIT Madras.

The team at CompFlu 2023. (L - R) Ashish, Samrat, Lisha and Sandeep.

All work and no good food makes the team a dull one. Dinner at an Andhra restaurant in Chennai. (Clockwise) Sandeep, Ashish, Samrat and Lisha.

Sixth Annual Lab Symposium (23th December, 2023)

December 2023 marked the completion of one and a half decade of our lab. Samrat takes the driver's seat, as we take a look back at the rearview mirror and look forward through the windshield. (Caption courtesy - Samrat)

A day packed with exciting talks on diverse topics, sharing unpublished results fresh from the bench, from current lab members,  former lab members, their students, and for the first time a guest speaker who came all the way from Cambridge. 

Group photo at IISER Mohali, after the day-long symposium (Dec 2023), as a mark of celebration of 15 years of The Mukhopadhyay Lab. 

Good food, some nice wine and good company - a sumptuous dinner at Wyndham, Mohali (Dec 2023).

Satisfied, happy faces after dinner at Wyndham, Mohali. Photo of the entire group of present lab members, former lab members, their students and our guest Samarpita (from Cambridge). 

#SM Lab. Lab photo after dinner at Wyndham, Mohali (Dec, 2023).

2023 - The annus mirabilis for the Mukhopadhyay lab 

Hearty congratulations to Samrat for the prestigious J.C. Bose Fellowship.

Many congratulations to Samrat, for being elected to the Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc).

Lab dinner at Wyndham, Mohali celebrating some lab achievements and a send-off party for Sayanta, Anamika and Harshita. Wish them all the best, in their future endeavors.

Harshita received her BS-MS degree. Sayanta and Anamika received their PhD degrees at the convocation ceremony in 2023. Congratulations to them! 

Anamika, the 12th graduate student of the lab, successfully defended her PhD thesis.  She joined Prof. Keren Lasker's lab at the Scripps Research Institute, as a postdoc.

Sayanta, the 11th graduate student of the lab, successfully defended his PhD thesis.  He joined Prof. Marc Diamond's lab at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, as a postdoc.

Teachers' Day celebration at our lab. (5th September 2023)

The Mukhopadhyay Lab - Summer 2023. A lab buzzing with 23 members in total, including the summer project students.

Scientists are also breathing, living human beings! Lab party at Samrat's apartment.

Fifth Annual Lab Symposium (24th December, 2022)

Group photo at the fifth annual lab symposium (2022). 

The Mukhopadhyay Lab (2022)

Group photo after dinner

Lab photo after dinner

Fourth Annual Lab Symposium (19th December, 2021)

Group photo near Academic Block II

Former Students attending from overseas 

Lunch at guest house IISER Mohali

Dinner at Taj Chandigarh 

Group Photo after dinner at Taj Chandigarh 

Hours after our PNAS acceptance; September 2021

Priyanka Singh’s s send-off; September 2021

Fixing spectrofluorometer during pandemic; June 2021

Priyanka Dogra’s send-off; August 2020

Swastik’s send-off; April 2021

Shiny and Priyasha’s send off dinner at Samrat’s apartment; May 2019

Lab Symposium 2018

Celebrating 10 years of SM lab

The Mukhopadhyay Lab group picture; June 2017

The Mukhopadhyay Lab group picture; June 2017

Lab Dinner; June 2017

Lab Lunch at Lalit; September 2017

The IDP Conference organized by Samrat at IISER Mohali in December 2017

Conference Group Photo

Samrat with Chris Dobson and P Balaram


Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner

Group Photo

Best Poster Winners 

Chris Dobson's visit to our lab 

Hoping to host such an amazing meeting again in the future!

Lunch with Prof. Uday Maitra; September 2015

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; February 2014

Neha's Send-off dinner; December 2013

Dinner at Samrat’s apartment; December 2013

Dinner at Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore during the NCBS international folding meeting; October 2012

Group dinner at Barbeque Nation to celebrate our publication

in Biophysical Journal; September 2011

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2011

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2010

Group dinner at Samrat’s apartment; June 2010

Lunch after a lab meeting; June 2009

There are memories that time doesn't erase, hence need to be shared!

Intellectual discussions at CompFLu 2023, IIT Madras. (L - R) Sandeep, Rohit V. Pappu, Clifford P. Brangwynne, Ashish and Lisha. 

Intellectual discussions at CompFLu 2023, IIT Madras. (L - R) Sandeep, Geeta J. Narlikar, Lisha and Ashish.