Samrat's latest talk at the Structural Biology Symposium at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 2021)

Samrat's talk at the Proteinopathy Seminar Series

Samrat's talk at IDP 2017 at IISER Mohali

"Memories last a lifetime"

Fifth Annual Lab Symposium (24th December, 2022)

Group photo at the fifth annual lab symposium (2022).

The Mukhopadhyay Lab (2022)

Group photo after dinner

Lab photo after dinner

Fourth Annual Lab Symposium (19th December, 2021)

Group photo near Academic Block II

Former Students attending from overseas

Lunch at guest house IISER Mohali

Dinner at Taj Chandigarh

Group Photo after dinner at Taj Chandigarh

Hours after our PNAS acceptance; September 2021

Priyanka Singh’s s send-off; September 2021

Fixing spectrofluorometer during pandemic; June 2021

Priyanka Dogra’s send-off; August 2020

Swastik’s send-off; April 2021

Shiny and Priyasha’s send off dinner at Samrat’s apartment; May 2019

Lab Symposium 2018

Celebrating 10 years of SM lab

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2017

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2017

Lab Dinner; June 2017

Lab Lunch at Lalit; September 2017

The IDP Conference organized by Samrat at IISER Mohali in December 2017

Conference Group Photo

Samrat with Chris Dobson and P Balaram


Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner

Group Photo

Best Poster Winners

Chris Dobson's visit to our lab

Hoping to host such an amazing meeting again in the future!

Lunch with Prof. Uday Maitra; September 2015

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; February 2014

Neha's Send-off dinner; December 2013

Dinner at Samrat’s apartment; December 2013

Dinner at Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore during the NCBS international folding meeting; October 2012

Group dinner at Barbeque Nation to celebrate our publication

in Biophysical Journal; September 2011

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2011

The Mukhopadhyay group picture; June 2010

Group dinner at Samrat’s apartment; June 2010

Lunch after a lab meeting; June 2009

There are memories that time doesn't erase, hence need to be shared!